The state of the art, the nec plus ultra

ULTIMATE is unique. It is the definitive fusion of high-end design and maximum personalisation with solutions that meet all wine storage, tasting and display needs.

Discover the unique features of ULTIMATE.

Tasting perfection:
8 independently-controlled temperature zones

With ULTIMATE you can enjoy any wine at the right temperature, from champagne to vintage reds

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Storage perfection:
the ideal conditions

ULTIMATE offers perfect storage conditions for all wines.
The best cellar for the best wines

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Storing and tasting,

ULTIMATE lets you store and taste your wines at the same time and in ideal conditions

Read more about storaging and tasting, together

Perfect display,
lighting and orientation

ULTIMATE displays your bottles to perfection, while protecting the wine from all dangers

Read more about perfect display

Web app:
control at your fingertips

Thanks to ULTIMATE you can monitor and manage your wines with your smartphone even when you’re on the other side of the world

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Silent electrically powered opening.
Almost magical

ULTIMATE features electrically powered sliding panels which open vertically to give you access to your bottles whenever you want

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Icone h200

Over-sized bottles:

ULTIMATE can also accommodate larger bottles such as Magnums and Jeroboams with the correct orientation

Read more about over size

Icone h2002

Total protection
against UV and IR radiation

ULTIMATE offers total protection against harmful UV and IR radiation, while still leaving the bottles in full view

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Icone h2003

under control

ULTIMATE actively monitors and controls humidity.
Only the best for the most demanding wines

Read more about managed humidity

Perfectly at home in any room:
Undeniably Made in Italy

ULTIMATE is manufactured 100% in Italy and uses only the very best materials. Thanks to its top quality aluminium, stainless steel and parts, it also blends perfectly into high-class professional environments. Whether it graces your living room or the “sancta sanctorum” of your favourite restaurant, ULTIMATE is your number one choice.


“The masterpiece”:
the most gratifying personalisation experience

ULTIMATE pushes back the boundaries of wine technology and, with “the masterpiece”, also showcases the skills of the top craftsmen in Italy. With ULTIMATE, bespoke luxury is conveyed through the truly exclusive, top quality finishes, crafted by men who are custodians of centuries of knowledge and workmanship.

“It takes an endless amount of history to make even a little tradition”

Henry James

We work with some of the most celebrated Italian artisans, each at the top of his field, to bring you “the masterpiece”.
Guardians of an artistic legacy, which in some cases dates back thousands of years, they can bring to life even the most singular, exclusive request.

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